How to trace scammers ...

John Allan jallan at
Mon Aug 4 06:32:25 PDT 2003

This is worth folks knowing how ... Truth is, it is really easy and all the
work has been done for the likes of us by some very clever [ and probably by
now, serious PO-ed geeks.

Yes, I mailed him and got him to reply.

Now one easy way is to just report him to - whether
or not you chose to actually verify it as spam their service will do a
series of traces on his mail automatically for you.

Now, while I am at it. I have to recommend Spamcop's spam blocking email
washing service 100%. I was getting 40 / 50% plus spam emails, Window viral
dumps galore until I signed up and now I am lucky if I get one spam every
three or four days.

30 dollars for a year's worth of viagra-and-engorged-member-free bliss. I am
amazed. A must for a family address.

OK, the hands on way is to look at the View > Source of the offending email
in your email application and pick your way through the header until you
reach the last IP address.

Copy that and then go visit Sam Spade who again has
done all the work for you ...

Paste it into the first window and hit " Do stuff " and he does, bringing
you back traceroutes, DNS lookups, terrestrial address for IP address, phone
numbers the lot.

Wonderful. Tells you how to get the spam / scammer / slammer in trouble with
or block him.


> Entity John Allan spoke thus:
>> His IP address tracks out at being Romanian
> That explains his almost complete lack of English. But how did you track the
> Rumanian ISP? Did you get an email from him? I could only track him to Yahoo
> mail.
> --Gnarlie

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