[CUBE] Cube 1.4GHz G4 from sonnet $595

Robert Jagitsch robertj at powerlogix.com
Thu Aug 21 14:28:19 PDT 2003

>On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 04:12  PM, Robert Jagitsch wrote:
>>Not a 7457, there is not a 1.4 gig 7457 out yet. You will need the VRM too...
>VRM? What's this?

replacement dc/dc

>How long until the 7457 upgrade shows up in stores, and what does it 
>look like the clock speeds will be?

Email me directly please.

>Also, I'm too lazy to read/try-and-understand the spec sheets, so 
>I'm wondering if you have any simple #'s to explain how much less 
>heat the 7457 will generate, and how much less energy it will 
>draw....maybe a rough percentage? Is it dramatic, decent, or 

How about this:

Power draw from brick, measured in watts:

Cube, 7457 1400Mhz
VGA and Rage128
peak at HD spinup	              56.00
Nominal, system idle	              44.24
iTunes rip		              52.08

Cube, 7455 1400Mhz
VGA and Rage128
peak at HD spinup	               71.96
Nominal, system idle	               32.76
iTunes rip	  	               84.00

Note than under heavy cpu usage (itunes rip) there is a 52 watt 
increase in power draw over system idle  using the 7455. Only an 8 
watt increase on the 7457.

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