[CUBE] When Will We Get Reliable High Speed Processor Upgrades?

Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Sat Aug 30 12:21:00 PDT 2003

OK You guys want a new string? I would like to know when we are going 
to feel safe about being able to put a dual 1GHz or faster accelerator 
in the Cube without blowing it up. I have been waiting impatiently for 
more than a year and am getting pretty sick and tired of all the delays 
and horror stories of destroyed Cubes. Boris is sitting over there with 
Richard on the Italian riviera with his water cooled one of a kind Cube 
that he won't tell us how to do and I am sitting her on the Monterey 
Bay with my thumb up my A** looking for a dual processor upgrade (G3+ 
?) or up to 1.4 GHz or more single (G3+ ?) that I can honestly believe 
will work without destroying what I have already - the lowly 450 G4 
that works.

kunga10 (AIM)
kunga47 (Yahoo Messenger with Cross-Platform dial-up Video sans audio 
on Macs)

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