Just put in a 80 gig Seagate drive

Anthony Kulesa tmandesign at mac.com
Sun Mar 2 18:09:57 PST 2003

Hi Cubists,

I replaced my stock WD 20 gig HD with a new 80 Seagate drive. Wow, I 
can't believe how quiet it is--it's eerie. When I was transferring data 
over from a Maxor 40 gig drive it sounded like a train wreck in 
comparison. Makes me wonder how I will be able to tolerate a CPU 
upgrade with a fan.

Speaking of processor upgrades, the possibility of the sleep/coma 
problem with a  Powerlogic upgrade is kind of a dealbreaker for me. I 
wish this would get resolved. Anyone know if this is also a problem 
with the Sonnet upgrades?


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