[CUBE] move OS X user home folder?

Alan Thompson athomp2 at mac.com
Sat Mar 8 23:34:46 PST 2003

in other unixes, this can be accomplished in /etc/fstab - essentially, 
you would be telling the os that you're mounting /home, or in our case 
/Users on a different volume/disk.  in os x, i have not tried this.  
you try searching usenet yet?


On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 09:38 PM, Sergei Zak wrote:

> Is there a way I could redefine where I want my home folder in OS X?
> I have an empty home on second volume from new installation, and a 
> leftover orphaned home folder filled with goodies on the first volume, 
> from a removed installation. I don't have space on the second volume 
> to move the goodies.
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