[CUBE] Cube on Linux!

J.C. Webber III jcw at kingoblio.com
Thu Mar 13 05:12:00 PST 2003

John Allan wrote:
> What weirdness do you need to do to get YDL or is there another better
> Linux, to run in a Cube?

I've had success with Mandrake PPC.  A co-worker got YDL working on
an Xserve, including fully functional access to the XRaid.  Personally,
I prefer the Mandrake distro because my experience has been with RPM type
distros.  Also, I like how well Mandrake integrates KDE into the distro,
my favorite Linux desktop environment.

> Do I really want to try what with 10.2 now?

Well, I've never been a Mac user prior to OSX, and my brief exposure
to OS9 were not favorable.  But I like OSX so much that my Mac is now
my primary computer.  My linux box has been demoted to just an email,
Web, DNS, and print server for my local lan.

I'm actually ssh'd into it right now from my Mac so I can use my
old time text based email client, elm, to author this message 8^).

> John

J.C. Webber III       
Technical Lead, Unix System Administrator
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