humming Cube

John Allan jallan at
Fri Mar 14 02:33:24 PST 2003

Just a quick shout,

I stuck a redundant 7,200 rpm IBM Deskstar in the Cube last night along with
a very cool Griffin serial port that gave life back to a cool Epson printer
and moved desks with it.

For the I have actually noticed more noise than less due the vibration of
the case on the desk surface. It is a much thinner metal framed desk than

I have noticed quite a few pictures of other Cubes sitting on mouse mats or
the like, I guess that I am not alone in experiencing this. Has anyone else
noted it? Everything went back tight but I am a little concerned that this
particular drive vibrates too much, as vibration is not good for component

I'd like to voice support for Carbon Clone Copier [ ],
it is a lifesaver and Mike Bombich deserves a " Maccy " for his services to
the Mac Community. It even automatically incorporates the native Unix psync
into an easy GUI interface, downloading the necessary BSD if you do not have
it. Brilliant, brilliant work.

Check out his Tips and FAQ for simply spelled out stuff like move your OS X
swapfiles to a separate disk to improve virtual memory performance. [ The
same as pointing Virtual Memory to a separate " scratch " partition or drive
in OS 9 ]


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