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Laurie A Duncan laurie at cubeowner.com
Fri Mar 21 18:27:32 PST 2003

On 3/21/03 9:07 PM, raymondus at yahoo.com added a note to the human symphony,
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> Hey there
> Just a thought. I am thinking about changing my stock
> 20GB HD for a 120GB Barracuda. I have no external
> firewire drive and may therefore have some probs with
> regard to installation etc. But, how about if I buy a
> firewire enclosure for the 20 GB drive and then boot
> from target? I can then copy one drive to the other
> (partition by partition). This sounds too simple.
> Where is the flaw in my fiendish plan?
> Thanks
> Ray

There's no catch... Your plan will work just fine :) Although you wouldn't
really be booting the external in target mode, rather you'll be booting
directly from that volume. Then you can launch Disk Utility (assuming you
are using Jaguar? If OS 9, use Drive Setup), format the new HD (partition it
if you like - be sure to check the "install OS 9 drivers" option in Disk
Util if you plan to ever boot or mount that HD in OS 9) and clone your old
volume to the new drive. I recommend Carbon Copy Cloner if you are running
Jaguar. A simple drag and drop copy is all that's needed if you are running
OS 9. But clean installs of either OS will always give you an often welcome
fresh start and you can still move over all your critical data from the old

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