[CUBE] help...

Richard Clark mawgadog at tin.it
Sat Mar 22 14:53:15 PST 2003

I think you needed to take the old heat transfer plate off of your old 
processor and put it on the new pl upgrade because i think the new 233 
series comes without that plate. Check out the forums at 
www.cubeowner.com they might be helpful
On Saturday, March 22, 2003, at 11:42 PM, Russ Maehl wrote:

> On 23/3/03 4:30, "john guy" <john.guy at btclick.com> wrote:
>> I will start back at the beginning...
>> I installed the PL 1.2 GHz upgrade
> John,
> Sorry, but I cannot help you with the Entourage problem, and in fact 
> looking
> for some info from you regarding your upgrade to the 1.2 GHz card.
> I just installed the upgrade myself, but it was a disaster.  The card 
> itself
> began to smoke immediately after turning on the machine.  It was 
> clearly
> coming from a component on the card.  I took the Cube apart and made 
> sure
> all items were seated properly, and turned on the Cube again.  Once 
> more
> there was smoke from the card.
> I was lucky enough that the reinstallation of the the original card 
> was all
> I needed to do to get the Cube back up and running.
> I am out of Australia, and it is difficult to get any info right now 
> since
> it is the weekend.  What I want to ask is this:  The new card has 
> absolutely
> no contact with the internal heat sink.  The old card had a very heavy 
> piece
> of metal connected to it, and that metal was in contact with the heat 
> sink.
> Is this how your card was constructed?  It seems amazing to me that 
> just the
> fan is meant to dissipate the heat from the card.
> Also there was a tube of material which was meant to be dabbed on to 
> the top
> of the processor.  This was covered in the written instruction, but no
> mention of that in the video instructions.  Did you apply this 
> material?
> It was also surprising to me that the video instruction made no 
> mention of
> the dip switches which must be set.  Fortunately the switches seemed 
> to be
> set for 1.2 already.
> Anyway I am glad that your computer has started up okay (and hopefully 
> you
> can get around your Entourage problem).
> It would be great if you could impart your experience to me.
> Thanks,
> Russ
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