Ventilation of space (video card and DC/DC card) in a Cube

Jean-Pierre Nouet jpnouet at
Sun Mar 23 03:44:28 PST 2003

On my Cube, I removed the internal grid being on the level of
the connectors of the Cube.
This grid partly closes the air vents of the frame, decreasing
by the third or half the input surface .

Manipulation is simple,  it is necessary to modify the connectors of
ground connection so that they touch the metal structure (modem  card 
and mother

With my non-ventilated Radeon card, it seems to to me that the
outgoing air of video card space  is less hot, but I do not have a
thermometer for check.

If somebody made manipulation and can bring temperature measurements,
that interests me.

I await the return of my powerlogix 1.2 Ghz card  to check that the
Cube will go finally without probème with this manipulation (very hot
DC/DC card  really)

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