[CUBE] Dual Monitor Cube Setup

Michael Blossom blossom at megsinet.net
Mon May 26 22:04:36 PDT 2003

Another option would be to install one of the video cards that does dual
display with ADC & DVI ports and no VGA.  Then you'd need a DVI->ADC
adapter, which is $89.99 here:


Unfortunately, both of the video cards that I know of that have dual
digital outputs would require modifying your Cube to make the card fit. 
Those are the Radeon 9000 and the GeForce4MX.  The latter is available at
OWC for $75.99, but I don't think anyone has installed one in a Cube thus
far.  I am considering it myself, because I'm also interested in running
dual LCDs.

GeForce4MX at OWC:

- Mike

>I am looking to move to a Dual monitor setup utilizing two Apple 20" 
>Cinema Displays.  I've upgraded my Cube to a ATI 7500 videocard with a 
>lower case fan installed (working great).  The dual monitor capable 
>7500 has an adc connector and a standard vga connector.  I've read the 
>Cubeowner FAQ but i'm still slightly confused as to what are all of the 
>options I have to connect the two lcds.  The only option I have clearly 
>seen is the expensive Gefen Vga to Adc conversion box ($250-$300).  In 
>other words I would connect one Cinema to the adc port on my 7500 card 
>and the other Cinema display to the vga port via a vga to adc adapter 
>(ie. Gefen conv box).  Is there another less expensive, more 
>streamlined option out there for this kind of setup?  I have seen the 
>Apple DVI to Adc adapter but I don't think that's gonna fit the bill.   
>Inquiring minds would like to know.

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