[Cube] Silent PC's

TonVanHest a.vanhest at chello.nl
Mon Dec 13 04:05:06 PST 2004

Op 13-dec-04 om 12:48 heeft Riba het volgende geschreven:

> On 2004.12.13, at 09:18, TonVanHest wrote:
>> Op 13-dec-04 om 6:22 heeft Riba het volgende geschreven:
>>> Quite interesting:
>>> www.hushtest.de
>> What makes this interesting for Cube owners?
> I thought that Cube owners are generally interested in silent 
> computing, regardless of the flavor. The design is also apple-ish.

Now I understand. I have (besides a Cube) an iMac TFT 17' and a 
Shuttle. The latter is a PC running almost silently because it uses a 
heatpipe with liquid cooling also it is about 1,5 time larger than a 

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Ton van Hest

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