[Cube] Airport Woes

meirion roscoe roscoe at macunlimited.net
Mon Dec 13 05:06:01 PST 2004

I wonder if the collective genii on this list could please help me 
(once again!)?

My airport signal on my cube appears to be gusting between 4 bars and 
no bars for no apparent reason.  In the airport area in the top bar I 
can sometimes see the name of the network and sometimes not (no 
commonality there) but the signal has definately dropped off as 
menumeters shows no traffic in or out.

Things I've tried

Re-seating the areal connector
reseating the airport card
repairing privileges (nope-don't know why myself)
updating airport software (may have been alright previously??)

cube is 450 with 1GB RAM running 10.3.6 on a 120GB WD HD.
All other software updates done?
signal coming from Netgear DG834W upstairs

Any ideas?

Thought It may have been the card, but getting another to check is V. 
Oh, network is ok 'cos when I put my Al powerbook next to the cube, it 
stays on full signal throughout

TIA all

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