[Cube] which internal HD to upgrade Cube?

Leif Joel Örell lejo at mac.com
Tue Dec 14 14:06:44 PST 2004

A 120GB HD will give you about 111GB formated disk-space,  a 160GB will 
give you the full 128GB that the Cube can handle. The 160GB is about 
149GB formated, so there is 21GB not used. If you want to use bigger 
disks there is a utility that you can get from  Intech Software Online 
its: Speed-Tools Utilities that includes 
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  for drives bigger than 128GB.
I am contemplating buying Seagates new 400GB HD at "Other World 
Computing" where You can get this utility for 10$ when buying a HD.


2004-12-14 kl. 20.27 skrev Philip J Robar:

> Op 14-dec-04 om 19:55 heeft e.evennett at virgin.net het volgende 
> geschreven:
>> that's very kind, thank you. do you know the spec i need to work in 
>> my cube
> As said previously any IDE HD will work, but any space over 128GB will 
> be ignored by the system. Cube owners tend to buy the Seagate drives 
> as they are among the quietest and coolest temperature wise while 
> being fast enough for most needs.
> Phil

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