[Cube] panther problems

TonVanHest a.vanhest at chello.nl
Sat Dec 18 06:56:50 PST 2004

Op 18-dec-04 om 15:31 heeft Tom Farnsworth het volgende geschreven:

> I have reinstalled and used the combined update several times with the 
> same results. Always following the initial reboot from the panther 
> disc, I get a failed to save bookmark announcement. Then following all 
> the upgrades...same

Maybe a far shot but I once had similar problems (not being able to 
save things). After lots of trying I discovered it was caused by a 
permission problem. Now I do not mean the regular permissions that are 
set by Disk Utility but stuff like owner/group.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Ton van Hest

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