[Cube] Headphone/handset?

phoenix phoenix at cybernothing.org
Sun Dec 19 09:25:38 PST 2004

Quoth Riba :

> I have been playing with Skype telephony application and I must say
> that I'm quite impressed. Since my parents live overseas I believe I
> will use it regulary in the future.
> What I'm missing of course is a good headset, preferrably with an USB
> connection. I know that iMic is always an option, but I'd prefer a
> direct USB connection. I did a quick glance at what's available and
> most of the products are quite pricey. I was also hoping I'd find

    I don't know if it works on a Cube, but Sony makes a USB headset to use
with the PlayStation2 for online gaming. Anyone own one of these and tried
it with the Cube yet?


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