[Cube] Fwd: Hardware Test CD

Alan Baldwin alan.baldwin at eknowledge.co.uk
Mon Dec 20 01:09:07 PST 2004

Hi all

My cube, 1.2GHz Giga CPU upgrade, 120GB Seagate, 1.5GB RAM, has 
developed a habit of "freezing".  Completely locked up, mouse cursor 
will not move.  Have to cold boot.  It appears random, but I can 
reproduce the symptom reliably when installing Halo - it always freezes 
at the same point on copying a particular file.

I have booted from my Powerbook in Target mode, and the problem 
persists.  If I boot my Powerbook from the Cube disk in target mode, 
the problem doesn't occur.  It seems to be a problem which occurs when 
the cube cpu runs particular code.

I am wondering if I should try the Cube hardware test disk, but don't 
know where to get hold of one.  I'm in the UK if anyone has one.

My next step is to replace the original CPU (450MHz) to see if I can 
peg the problem to the CPU upgrade.



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