oh, yes...Re: [Cube] Transfer songs from record to CD

Melvetta Overturf melturf at direcway.com
Mon Dec 20 09:26:55 PST 2004

Appreciate the info. Thanks, Melvetta

Steve Goldstein wrote:

> Sorry, I gave only half the solution.  Once you have captured the 
> recordings, you can use iTunes to import and burn them
> You can also use WireTap (Ambrosia Software) to capture and save 
> directly to iTunes.  But, I do not think that it has the RIAA 
> equalization. And, you may have to also use LineIn (1.0 ©2003 Rogue 
> Amoeba Software LLC) to pipe the input to WireTap (I forget--it's been 
> a while).
> --Steve
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