[Cube] Highest reliability upgrades

Riba riba at ml1.net
Mon Jan 10 00:26:32 PST 2005

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 17:40:28 -0500, "Ken Johnson"
<kr-johnson at comcast.net> said:
> I just purchased another cube - I'd like to upgrade thi9s one with a 
> faster processor, and a larger /faster hard-drive.  Reading this list 
> over the months, I believe the Seagate 80MB Barracuda is a very fast, 
> quiet, and reliable drive - so I'll go with that.  How about processor 
> upgrades?  What is the most reliable upgrade, not the fastest - I'd 
> like at least 800 MHz, but 1 GHz would be good.

I was planning to go the Sonnet way, but it seems that by the time I
decide to go for a specific speed, it is already replaced by the faster
model :) I also don't care to have the latest & fastest, it usually
means problems....I actually don't need anything faster than the stock
450 MHz I have at the moment, but I'm giving up to the consumer

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