[Cube] Re: Off topic: Software for writing manuals/documentation?

laura laurasm at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 11 14:27:25 PST 2005

On 1/11/05 1:48 PM, "cube-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com"
<cube-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com> wrote:

> At 1:03 PM -0800 1/9/05, laura wrote:
>> How does one access that Apple thread anyway?
> Uh, click on the link?
> Cheers,
> Erik

No, I meant to find a thread about Help Documentation programs like
RoboHelp. Clicking the link brought me to discussions of alternatives to
Word and Framemaker only. How do I access the Apple discussions further back
in the chain?

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