[Cube] Re: mac mini

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Wed Jan 12 08:51:45 PST 2005

Christian: whisper-silent low rpm base fan!?
May I ask you which kind/brand of fan you've got spinnin' inside your Cube?

Your setup is similar to mine and I'm in the process of deciding for which CPU... PL, Giga or Sonnet. It will depend on price/speed. I'd like to keep my Cube as quiet as possible, but I don't know if I shall believe in fanless operation any longer. IMO, it is inevitable to sit a fan inside a Cube once you decide to go beyond the 1.2GHz frontier.

I'm also dumbfounded about all the Mac mini fuss. Aesthetically, I still think the Cube's the sexiest Mac ever built by Apple Computer. Hey but then again... that's just me!


>>> c.leue at mac.com - 2005/01/12 15:28 PM >>>
Hi Eric,

I just got through all the "Pimp my Mac" steps and am now running my 
beloved Cube with:

	1.5MB RAM
	internal Barracuda 120GB
	Gigadesigns 1.4 GHz CPU
	GeForce 4 MX Twinview
	whisper-silent low rpm base fan

	External Pioneer DVR108 and Barracuda 200GB in fan-less cases
	EyeTV 200

	Apple 17" display on the ADC port,  Formac 19" display on the DVI port 
of the GeForce

Cube, iSight and StudioDisplay are on the desk, SoundSticks and Formac 
display are on extension cables and sitting in the window sill. All the 
drives and the EyeTV are hidden behind the desk.  I made a cable 
channels and hid the whole snake nest of cables behind the desk. The 
whole setup looks and functions great, and I am unconditionally 
satisfied with the results.


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