[Cube] Re: papast/pabst fans

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Wed Jan 12 09:34:15 PST 2005

Hello Christian,

< http://www.pcsilent.de/en_group_quiet_fans_80mm_wotc.asp >

Is the blue "private label" this one that comes bundled/included with the Giga CPU upgrade?

MR Computertechnik iamquiet Fan 80/1000 blue
Measurements 80*80*25mm
Air-flow 19.5 m*/h
3pole molex mainboard-connector (12 volts)
Color: blue-transparent Noise-level 14.5 db(A)
8,90 Eur incl. VAT


>>> c.leue at mac.com - 2005/01/12 17:23 PM >>>
> Christian: whisper-silent low rpm base fan!?
> May I ask you which kind/brand of fan you've got spinnin' inside your 
> Cube?

Hi Luis!

I picked up a 80mm fan from 
<http://www.pcsilent.de/de_gruppe_leise_luefter_80mm_ungeregelt.asp>. I 
took the blue "private label" one, but the Papst Typ 8412 NGLLE should 
be even quieter with equal airflow. You will have to bend open the 
brackets to squeeze in the 25mm height.


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