[Cube] Mac mini-- 1 GB memory upgrade = US$425 !!!

Steve Goldstein sng at cox.net
Thu Jan 13 10:52:01 PST 2005

Sure, sure.  But they say that the memory must be installed by Apple or a certified service facility.  The box is not easily opened.  So, if you add your own memory, you risk not only mangling the box (until somebody offers a cracking tool), and, as in the past you void your Apple warranty.

Now, I can do it.  I changed my iPod (gen 2) battery.  But, can the average joe/jane do it?


At 10:58 AM -0500 1/13/05, Joseph B. Gurman wrote:
>    With the !Gbyte memory, it's $1203, but who ever bought memory from Apple? The 1 Gbyte DDR 333 DIMM is $210 - $235 most places. And cheapie PC sellers do the same thing, usually selling the  low end boxes with inadequate memory to keep the price point down.

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