[Cube] Silence is Deafening

Riba riba at ml1.net
Fri Jan 21 00:51:37 PST 2005

> which leads me onto...has anyone thought of buying a mini for the sole
> purpose of using it as a music player - or even as your home media center
> for film, tv, music, radio? ie selling that huge, bulky stack of hifi
> separates and that monstrous CRT tv and running everything on digital
> with a
> sleek flat screen lcd.

I have. I'm in the market for a new audio system with DVD that is _not_
a classic home cinema system. Weird requirements, but I found it: JVC
EX-A1, check it out, nice and compact system.
It crossed my mind that I could get Mini for less money and use it for
the similar task (plus I get WiFi), but then I relaized that on order to
reach the same level of functionality I'd have to get a load of external
devices to connect to Mini, that it would at the end get more expensive,
and the size advantage will be long gone.
What makes me wonder is how Hermstedt plans to sell their Hifidelio
system with the Mac Mini out :) They ruined their business...

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