[Cube] Silence is Deafening

Michael J. Cykana mjcykana at mac.com
Sun Jan 23 12:43:45 PST 2005

Got mine yesterday at Fry's. They had no display model out so I asked 
if they had any. The person I talked to said they had three left. They 
were not going to display any.  They only had the 1.42GHz/256MB/80GB 
model. After I bought mine yesterday afternoon they had a single one 
left. Someone in the interim had also purchased one.

No chance to upgrade it yet so it is stock. XBench 1.1.3 out of the box 
was 123+. This compares to my slightly upgraded 450MHz/1128MB/120GB 
Cube that benchmarks at slightly over 49.

It is normally silent - less noise than my cube (disk)! When the Mac 
mini is heavily loaded (running XBench) the fan kicks on and makes some 
noise but the noise is very tolerable. Once the work load goes down it 
returns to silence.

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On Jan 20, 2005, at 12:05 PM, Michael Blossom wrote:

> Does anyone on this list have their Mini yet?  I want to know how quiet
> it is.
> - Mike
>> After all that chatter about the mini and such - It's strange not to 
>> hear
>> anything for a couple of days...
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