[Cube] Larger hard drives

Fred Terry pfterry at deadtrees.net
Tue Feb 12 05:45:31 PST 2008

Fellow Cubists,

My 120Gb Maxtor drive died a month ago and I replaced it with 320Gb Western
Digital drive that I had in an external firewire case. Before I installed
the drive in my Cube, I created two partitions on it, one 128Gb and the
other 192Gb. Though I had never had any problems with this drive, after
installing Leopard, I noticed the SMART status indicated the drive was
failing. When I checked the attributes, I discovered a block reallocation
error on the second partition.

Here's my question. Is the only way to partition and use a larger capacity
drive in the Cube by running the SpeedTools Hi-Cap driver? I thought it
would be enough to partition the disk before I installed it. I suppose the
drive could be failing.....

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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