[Duo2400] Duo 270c: 8 chime grief

Paul Nelson artworks at victoria.tc.ca
Wed Aug 4 06:18:53 PDT 2004

>I tried resetting the Power Manager to boot with  keyboard removed
>and , of course, the keyboard installed. The Power On switch on the
>case would not cause a boot.
>I also removed the backup battery and tried booting with reset of
>Power Manager. Also tried resetting the Power Manager with Main
>battery installed and not installed while keyboard and backup battery
>were out.  Same  8-note sour chimes every time.
>The screen on this machine was perfect  and the trackball worked fine
>the lasat time it ran.
>  It has a 24 Meg RAM chip added and would run AutoCAD R12 renderings
>and redraws at a workable speed. I hate to just throw it away but
>facing up to the truth, the truth is that I just about never run it,
>except to admire what a neat toy it is.
>I guess all  things come to an end someday and maybe today is the Day
>of the Duo.
>I wonder if it's worth it to try selling it for parts on eBay? I
>certainly have enough accessories to go with it.
>  But maybe I would run across an old 270c and be able to make one
>good machine out of two bad ones.

Try removing the RAM and booting it.  It seems as if the 8 tone chime has
something to do with faulty RAM.
Paul Nelson

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