[Duo2400] A Plethora of 2400c upgrades!

COCCORP at aol.com COCCORP at aol.com
Sat Aug 7 18:38:55 PDT 2004

In a message dated 8/7/04 9:26:25 PM, c_j_p_v at yahoo.com writes:

>Well, after what seemed to be a dry spell in the availability of 2400c
>units/2400c upgrade
>options, within the past month on eBay, we have seen an Interware CPU (x
>2), several cardbus 2400c
>units, Yu-Plan keyboards, NuPower CPU upgrades, WiFi cards, Firewire cards,
>chips,prototypes, uniquely colored 2400's...........
>Is *everyone* divesting themselves of their Comets??  ~_^

DID Y'ALL SEE what the Interware 400mhz went for ?!? $666!


Never mind the items being listed; check out the number of bids and the 
prices! Evidently there's a healthy number of 2400c owners out there!

Craig W.
Atlanta, GA
Power corrupts. Absolute power's a blast. -- John Fund 

2400c/180 - OS9, wifi

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