Duo Dock and LCD display

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>>But are some displays running at 72ppi? Or is 96ppi the standard on
>I think 96 is the standard for anything that expects to be used with 
>a Windows system, which in practice means all third-party models. 
>72ppi is presumably still used on Apple-branded LCDs, but I've never 
>owned one so am guessing wildly; Joseph's information is much better 
>than mine on all this, so I'm hoping this posting will cross with one 
>of his again... (I didn't know the original dock had less VRAM, or 
>that the later ones go to 1152 x 870 - I'll look for one at that 
>resolution for myself now...)


Thanks for the flattery -- it works every time!  ;-)

The advent of multisync displays pretty much sounded the death knell of a 
reliable 72 ppi or even a 96 ppi "standard". I believe the physical pixel 
density of the current Apple Cinema Displays is 100 ppi. For most 17 inch 
CRT displays at 1024x768 resolution, the pixel density ranges from 
between 85 and 90 dpi, whether on a Mac or a PC. For some more background 
info, check out the story at 

By the way, I pulled the Duo Dock video resolution info from Apple's Tech 
Info Library and from the old freeware "Guru" software from Newer 
Technologies. Guru provides a wealth of info on the characteristics of 
older Macs in a nice, concise package. Worth a look...Downloadable from 
(search for Guru and MacOS on VersionTracker).


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