[Duo2400] Re: PB 2300, and Duo Dock

ElBrio at aol.com ElBrio at aol.com
Wed Aug 11 18:16:22 PDT 2004

In a message dated 8/11/04 8:26:18 PM, izabella.misiewiczsantos at neostrada.pl 

<< After some second guessing from previous accumulations of knowledge. 
Isn't the 2300 a little taller or something and therefore because of 
it's form factor fit only the DuoDock Plus or II as bothese full sized 
docks have a bigger insertion port to accommodate the size of the 2300? >>

There is what is called the "Color" cover..the later 'Docs all have it, the 
earlier one does not as standard, but can be retrofitted with it.  Never 
bothered me...I just popped the cover off when I wanted to use it with the 2300.  
The 'Doc works the same, just the upper lip is cut away some to accomodate the 
thicker color Duos.



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