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Mon Jun 7 13:06:28 PDT 2004

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>>The battery icon 
>> sits on
>> empty after briefly displaying the lightning bolt for about 20-30 
>> seconds.
>> Any ideas?
>Sure, it's time to buy a new battery. Assuming, of course, that you 
>know for sure that your charger works. ;-)

U know, the last post did remind me of something...

When I got my 1st Comet a few months ago, the battery would only charge for a 
few seconds, and then it would stop and the battery would register as either 
dead or not inserted; I think the latter, if memory serves...

Anyway, it turned out to be the power board; the component that send the 
power to the battery... the battery was fine.

Craig W.
Atlanta GA

"If you go to war you have already lost"
---Shogun Tokugawa

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