[Duo2400] Re: Dead battery

Carlson mariner at mts.net
Mon Jun 7 14:10:27 PDT 2004

No AC problems. I also have a second battery that charges up fine, works OK,
so I have to think it's not the 2400. Pretty sure it's the battery.

> On Jun 7, 2004, at 2:06 PM, COCCORP at aol.com wrote:
>> When I got my 1st Comet a few months ago, the battery would only
>> charge for a
>> few seconds, and then it would stop and the battery would register as
>> either
>> dead or not inserted; I think the latter, if memory serves...
>> Anyway, it turned out to be the power board; the component that send
>> the
>> power to the battery... the battery was fine.
> Good point, although a toasted cable on the AC supply is more likely.
> They always break where the cable enters the molded plug. Sometimes the
> connector on the power board gets loose, but if you can power off the
> AC supply, this isn't likely. Can you power up from AC?

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