Dropped, now dark 2400

Lunamoth10 at aol.com Lunamoth10 at aol.com
Tue Jun 8 20:29:03 PDT 2004

This evening, coming down with a cold and more tired than usual from leaving 
the office, i dropped my beloved 2400. It was in a not-as-padded-as-it-could 
be computer briefcase, and hit the hard floor hard....

I immediately took it out of the case, powered it up, and it was fine. It was 
fine when I powered it up at home. And then..... it went quiet and dark. What 
should I do next? How serious is this? Can this be fixed? Will it/ can it be 
as good as new again or should I now expect assorted problems?

As for a functioning computer, I do indeed already have an ibook. But I 
prefer my 2400 for travelling, and want to undo the damage, if possible.....

I'm on the east coast, and do have a good Mac repair man (ironically, he 
looked at my 2400 this morning, long BEFORE i dropped it and proclaimed it in 
excellent health!). Should I bring it in to him, or should I ship it out to the 
2400 specialty surgeons at MCE in case I did extensive damage???

Any advice/ enlightenment/ support greatly appreciated....


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