Beware Of Seller: jimmyryan or James Ryan or jimmy6901

Antonio Malcolm ironhawk at
Sat Jun 12 19:06:03 PDT 2004

More than a month ago, I ordered parts for a 2400c, from James Ryan, on the PowerBookCentral website, and he has yet to ship me anything. He claims to be busy handling marital issues, but his eBay records indicate he has had time to purchase a Honda ATV, as well as add-on pieces for the ATV, as well as some $120 worth of naturalist-type magazines.

He hasn't had time to ship my goods, but he's had plenty of time to spend my money, and, in the meantime, sent me a fraudulent tracking number, as if I wouldn't bother checking it.

I've already contacted Paypal, and other buyers have actually contacted me, regarding their own issues with him ( it is a smalll world, indeed ). I'm encouraging them to take legal action, and I may as well.

It occurs to me, from his eBay records, that he hasn't always been so neglectful. Nevertheless, if he has time to buy an ATV, he has time to ship my parts, and fraud is fraud, which is a punishable offense. I would encourage anyone in the swap lists to avoid doing business with this individual.
He normally uses jimmy6901 as his seller ID, in forums, and on eBay. 

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