2400 wireless today

Ivan Drucker ivanxqz at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 15 13:29:13 PDT 2004

Hello all, long time no chat. I've got a question, and this seemed to be
the right place to come: What is the best way to get a (Mac OS 9) 2400
wireless today? I've been using a Farallon Skyline card for eons but of
course it is no longer in production.

The options, as far as I can tell, are $80 cards from MacSense and
MacWireless, or I could buy any old card and use it with the $20
universal driver from IOExperts or the $25 universal driver from
MacWireless. Does anyone have any experience with these products? I'm
trying to set up a seriously non-technical person -- that is, I'm looking
for the product that seems to just work most of the time as my Skyline
did, and makes it easy to rejoin the network when it loses it.

Thanks for any insights,


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