What does "cardbus upgrade" mean to you, concerning the pb 2400?

Sid Barras sbarris at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 21:39:22 PDT 2004

Hi gang,
I recently bought a pb 2400 on ebay; the unit is nice, everything is 
working... except...
The seller advertised it as "carbus upgraded by MCE." When it arrived, 
I find it is either:
NOT upgraded to true cardbus enablement as I understand it, meaning it 
can now accept USB devices
the seller did not know what they were talking about when they 
mentioned "cardbus upgraded."(or does, but claims that a cardbus 
upgrade means something different..)

When I discovered that the machine does not seem to be upgraded for 
USB, I contacted the seller, and they said "Yes it was upgraded to 
accept modem and ethernet cards in the cardbus slot"

I wrote back and said that I was pretty sure the pb 2400 could do this 
right out of the box in stock condition...
They wrote back and said basically "well, that's what I meant-- the 
upgrade means it can handle type I, II or III PCMCIA cards."

That's where it stands now. Am I wrong in thinking that a claim of 
"cardbus upgrade by MCE" means what I think it means? (and hopefully, 
what a majority of list members would confirm) That it should now 
accept USB cards? (and don't quote me on this, but firewire, too?)
ESPECIALLY given the fact that the name "MCE" was slipped into the text 

I don't wish to be an ass, or nitpicking; but I bought this machine 
with the idea it was going to play nice with my USB printer, and I hope 
I am reasonable in thinking anyone else here with any knowledge at all 
with the pb 2400 would think the same thing--
So, I leave it to the list members to either tell me to lay off, and 
stop whining, or say "You wuz robbed!!!"
(I think I paid about $50 or so more dollars than what a stock unit is 
going for these days... It did come with a couple of power supplies and 
a cute wetsuit, but.... it's that USB thing that's itching right now, 
and I just can't get a good scratch going, ya' know?)

Greetings from CajunLand USA South Louisiana
Sid Barras

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