[Duo2400] WTB: Processor Daughtercard and Fuses For 2400c

Tom and Lisa P gionpeters at comcast.net
Sun Jun 27 16:49:32 PDT 2004

>Hey folks. I recently lost out in an exchange for a G3 upgrade amd 
>some spare parts for my trusty comet ( small claims court, here I 
>come ) and, as such am in need of a processor card and some Surface 
>Mount Fuses for my PowerBook 2400c. I don't want to lowball anyone, 
>but I've already lost some money, and am making just enough to get 
>through college, so I am hoping to keep the price low. I also have 
>some hardware I am willing to trade, such as a 5 Gig SCSI Magneto 
>Optical drive, some 128mb RAM sticks for older PCI PowerMacs ( 168 
>pin EDO DIMMS ), and some bits a pieces for a UMAX S900 PowerMac 
>That being said, I will take into consideration all reasonable 
>offers. I've had this 2400c for a while, and would finally like to 
>get it up and running.
>On a final note, and last in line of priorities, I am also in search 
>of dead 3400c or 2400c logic boards, to scavenge bits and pieces to 
>solder onto my current 2400c ( VRAM DIMMS must be salvageable ont 
>the dead logic board ).
>Thanx to all-

Anyone on the lists rip you off ?

Which fuses do you need ?  I have some 1A, 2A, and 5A fuses used on 
the boards.  I also might be able to scavenge some VRAM simms from 
some dead 3500 motherboards I have (although I cant guarantee they 
work as the boards came to me dead).

Give me an email.

Mad Dog

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