[DuoList] Yu-Plan Keyboard WAS [Looking for 2400c card cage]

Nico Scarscelli nico.scarscelli at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 15:12:52 PDT 2005

Il giorno 03/ott/05, alle ore 00:03, Gary Shigenaka ha scritto:

> After months or longer of acquiring all the parts, I'm finally in  
> the home stretch of piecing together the ultimate Powerbook 2400c  
> (Mighty Cat chassis, Interware 400 Mhz CPU, 112 meg RAM, Yu-Plan  
> keyboard) and have found that I need to replace the PC card cage.   
> Anybody out there have a scrap heap machine or pile of parts lying  
> around with a working card cage with which they would part?  Thanks!
> Gary

Hi Gary,
where did you buy the Yu-Plan keyboard ?


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