[DuoList] 2400c Only 48 Megs of Ram

Moe hugeu2fan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 12:29:23 PDT 2005

As always, try reseating/reinstalling the RAM.  If possible, try
getting your hands on a known good 64MB chip and trying it in your
machine (I know, probably not possible).  I doubt there's a problem
with your machine though, chances are it's a mislabeled chip or
defective chip.  If it's anything close to a legitimate company,
they'll refund your money or swap the chip!


On 10/9/05, Brad Lincoln <bradlinc at mac.com> wrote:
> Today I attempted to upgrade my 2400c to what I thought would be 80
> megs of ram . I had ordered 64 megs of ram from Memory X this summer
> and had just now gotten around to installing it. The install went
> well, however, upon restart the PowerBook only registered 48 megs of
> ram. As the ram was labeled 64 megs is it safe to assume I was ripped
> off or is there another logical explanation for this (ie some
> software or hardware limitation)?
> - Brad Lincoln

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