[DuoList] Best OS for my PB2400?

Gary F. Daught gfdaught at charter.net
Sun Oct 9 13:42:35 PDT 2005

Greetings. The PowerBook 2400c I am getting is currently configured  
with 2GB hard drive, 80MB RAM, and running System 7.6. I amy  
eventually opt for a larger hard drive, but will likely live with the  
existing 80MB RAM. I am thinking about an OS upgrade and would be  
interested in your advice regarding the best OS to run under this  
configuration. Oh, I am definitely interested in getting a wireless  
pc card, and may eventually get a USB pc card (if the 2400 is truly  
CardBus compliant). Thoughts?


Gary F. Daught
gfdaught at charter.net

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