[DuoList] Re: revisiting a wireless Duo 2300

Dan K macdan at comcast.net
Sun Oct 9 17:42:39 PDT 2005

"Pangrazio, Robert Thomas (UMR-Student)" <rtp6xc at umr.edu> wrote:
>I am a computer engineer and was looking into designing a wireless card
>that would replace the internal modem. I am still looking for any
>information, so if anybody has info about the modem, I would greatly
>appreciate it.

Read the devdocs. The modem card is really just an interface to the 
built-in winmodem-style telephony of the Duo. I'm really sceptical 
anything besides an Express Modem could be attached to that "slot". Look 
here for the Duo system's dev notes, there are several:
Harrumph - Apple's main Duo system devnote is _STILL_ corrupt! I fixed my 
copy using Acrobat (replaced bad font) but it's been fooed for years now 
without being fixed.

original here:

A fixed copy here:

I'll probably end up using my new wifi client adapter externally just as 
did Craig . . . but it'd be nice to be able to power it from the Duo 
itself instead of from mains power. 1A at 5v, now where can it be found?

Hmmm . . . Well, if I ran the whole mess off an ATA->CompactFlash located 
in modem area, I could have plenty of room to put both scsi/enet adapter 
AND wifi adapter into the (now HD-less) HD bay!

dan k


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