[DuoList] Best OS for my PB2400?

Ralph Mawyer mac2400 at satx.rr.com
Sun Oct 9 18:17:04 PDT 2005

Moe, Gene is right on.  I'm running 8.6 as primary on a fully loaded 
2400, with a secondary partition for 9.1.x.  If you get the bigger HD 
you'll give yourself some more options...and I think you'll be 
pleasantly surprised at the performance increase you'll experience.

On Oct 9, 2005, at 4:02 PM, Moe wrote:

> Gary,
>> From what I've read and experienced, it appears OS 8.6 is the best mix
> between performance and compatibility.  I suppose it depends on what
> you're trying to do with the machine, but I think wireless and cardbus
> for USB would be available in 8.6.  I know 8.6 has fewer cardbus
> issues than the 9 series.  However, I'm not the most experienced 2400c
> user here, so I'll defer to wiser judgment.
> Morris
> On 10/9/05, Gary F. Daught <gfdaught at charter.net> wrote:
>> Greetings. The PowerBook 2400c I am getting is currently configured
>> with 2GB hard drive, 80MB RAM, and running System 7.6. I amy
>> eventually opt for a larger hard drive, but will likely live with the
>> existing 80MB RAM. I am thinking about an OS upgrade and would be
>> interested in your advice regarding the best OS to run under this
>> configuration. Oh, I am definitely interested in getting a wireless
>> pc card, and may eventually get a USB pc card (if the 2400 is truly
>> CardBus compliant). Thoughts?
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