[DuoList] Help configing TrueMobile wireless for encryption on PB2400c

gfdaught at charter.net gfdaught at charter.net
Wed Oct 26 09:26:06 PDT 2005

Greetings. I have purchased a TrueMobile 1150 wireless pc card for my PB2400c (running OS 8.6). I know this is really a Lucent/Agere GOLD card, and I'm using ORiNOCO v. 7.2 software. The card works great on an unencrypted network. However, I am having trouble configuring for 128-bit encryption with a WEP key. I can see the 26 digit alphanumeric key to access the Linksys router on my desktop router set-up, but when I enter it as text in the set-up Control Panel on my 2400 it doesn't work (even though signal strength is great).

Someone on the LEM powerbooks list suggested that when I enter the 26 digit key as TEXT, I'm not really entering what should be a HEX key. Does anyone have experience with this to help me out?


Gary F. Daught
gfdaught at charter.net

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