[1394] Re: Firewire Formatting Utilities

Erik Gilchrist erikgil at metagrafix.com
Sat Dec 7 12:10:20 PST 2002

On Friday, December 6, 2002, at 10:48  AM, Erik Gilchrist wrote:

>> When I moved over to the "Erase" option, it appears that I could
>> proceed to erase the drive but the "Install Mac OS 9 Drivers" option
>> box was greyed out. An explanation followed:
>> 	"If this option is not selected, this device cannot
>> 	be used by a computer running Mac OS9.
>> 	This option does not affect Classic."
>> I take this to mean that if I use Jaguar's Disk Utility to format a
>> Firewire drive I will not be able to move that drive back to a
>> computer running OS9? If this is so, I can't use Apple's Disk Utility
>> to format my Firewire drives.
>> DaleH
> Dale,  Unfortunately I am not near my LAN to doublecheck that.  I 
> forget if I
> was able to set OS9 drivers when I foramatted and partitioned my OWC 
> drive.  I
> will check it this weekend.
> erik

OK, last night I was able to partition out my 60GB OWC drive into 6 
parts. I was able to install os 9 drivers on Jag running the Drive 
Setup app.


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