[1394] Re: Firewire to PowerMac 7100 AV?

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Mon Dec 30 17:29:06 PST 2002

We have never heard of a Nubus firewire card either, and would agree that
even if you don¹t want to buy a 'new' machine, it is time to upgrade and you
can find plenty of deals on ebay and other places for older macs with
firewire builtin of at least a pci slot based machine....

Happy new year to everyone

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> on 12/30/02 4:48 PM, Russell at russellfabry at mailcan.com wrote:
>> I know the PowerMac 7100 accepts Nubus cards, not PCI (think I got that
>> right). Is there any way to add a firewire port to one? (Trying to help a
>> neighbor upgrade his, and firewire accessibility would go a long way)
> Time for a new computer! Never heard of a Nubus firewire card. I did pay
> about $3700 for the Video Vision Studio card for my 840AV-Compaired to an
> iMac, it was crap. He can get a used or refurbished G4 pretty cheap these
> days.
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