[1394] cooldrives.com FW HD enclosure fails on G4

Kochkodin kochkodin at verizon.net
Wed Jan 14 23:26:20 PST 2004

Did you ever get a response from them?  Your post on 12/12/03 is the 
last thing I have gotten from this group...Is it still in existence or 
is Verizon DSL blocking it from me?
Mike K

Larry Hutchinson wrote:

> I purchased a firewire HD enclosure with removable tray from a
> place called cooldrives.com. The following email that I sent to
> their support explains my problem:
> -------------------------------
> Product: removable tray IEEE-1394 firewire Oxford 911 enclosure for PC and Mac users!
> http://www.cooldrives.com/retriefiox91.html
> Problem: works on Windows machines but not on Mac.
> On two Macs, a G4-733 and a G4 dual 533, plugging in the above drive (with
> an existing Mac HD), results in no mounting. This is the case with either OS 9.1
> or OS 10.3.1. On both machines, other firewire devices including other
> firewire drives work fine.
> On OS X, choosing about the Mac followed by the More Info...
> button and then selecting firewire from the list first lists the
> Firewire Bus under Device Tree but after plugging in the drive
> and doing a refresh, the profile says No devices found. 
> Since I (mistakenly) ordered two enclosures, I tested both with
> the same results.
> **
> Also, On Win2K or WinXP, I have to physically disconnect the cable to
> unmount the drive so that another tray can be recognized. I would have
> expected turning the key to off would have done this.
> -------------------------------
> It has been more than a week and I a haven't heard a beep from them
> and, frankly, suspect I never will.
> I did a bit more testing and found the drive works on a 17" iMac but not
> on another G4 we have. So somehow this drive just doesn't work on
> G4s. 
> Anybody know why or if there is a fix?
> Can anyone recommend a similar enclosure where different IDE drives
> can be easily swapped in and out?
> Larry Hutchinson
> WaveMetrics

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