[G4] URGENT Need MAC help desperately

Roger Harris roger at rogerdharris.com
Sun Jul 6 15:24:28 PDT 2003

That is correct Kunga, But I still recomend trying to start from OS9. I 
have had this exact problem on two Macs, and a trip through OS9 with DW3 
was my only fix. Installing a newer OSX over the old did not work. A 
wipe and install would work, but it would take the data out. You can 
save the data to a CD and then wipe the disk.

Once certain, seemingly small, volume problems arise Newer Mac OSs (9.0 
on ) are iffy on booting to a CD. They are even iffy booting to other 
volumes and partitions.

Having "volume wrapper" problems seem to make booting to any CD a real 
pain. The DW3 is for OSX; But!! It must boot to it's self to run 
repairs. When you have this "volume wrapper" problem it is easier to run 
from a second volume or partition than it is to get a CD to boot. It is 
easier to get the Mac to reboot to a OS9 volume or partition than it is 
getting it booted to a OSX volume or partition. ...........I don't know 
why.........Dw3 will work on an OSX disk from a OS9 disk or volume just 

Kunga wrote:

> I think she bought the OS X version of Disk Warrior Roger.
> kunga10 (AIM)
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