[G4] URGENT Need MAC help desperately

Roger Harris roger at rogerdharris.com
Sun Jul 6 21:10:42 PDT 2003

Just put the DW3-CD in the CD drive and run it from OS9. It works just 
fine in OS9 on a OSX partition or drive. You can actualy put the DW3 
download on the OS 9 partition and use it without making a CD; This is 
what I did.



John Gittins wrote:

> I'm not quite clear how this works. I follow your suggestion that we 
> boot from an OS9 partition or from OS9 on an external drive. But where 
> is DW3 located? I don't think we can install DW3 on OS9; so is it on 
> CD, or is it installed on the OSX drive to be repaired?
> John Gittins

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