[G4] OSX Bootable Only Question

Vernon LeMoignan arrow at oanet.com
Wed Jul 9 22:31:28 PDT 2003

to answer your question...

The "OSX only" powermacs will run OS9 in classic mode. They will not
BOOT OS 9 natively at all regardless of  what drive or partition it is 

If your OS 9 apps run in classic you'll be fine, if not you'll need a 
that can boot OS 9 natively.


On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 09:13  PM, Ron Michael wrote:

> I'm looking at buying one of the G4s now being discounted. I should 
> know the
> answer to this but I don't. Apple has confused me with the "OSX 
> Bootable
> Only" models as opposed to the ones that are OS9 and OSX bootable. I 
> want to
> hang on to quite a few of my OS9 programs. Does the "OSX Bootable 
> only" come
> with Classic mode and can I run my OS9 stuff that way? Can I switch 
> from OSX
> and OS9 (Classic?) back and forth? Can I put 9.2.2 on a separate drive
> and/or partition and switch back and forth that way, on the "OSX 
> Bootable
> Only" model? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Ron
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