[G4] cd extension/blown away

discoveryarts at mail.bellsouth.net discoveryarts at mail.bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 16 12:01:36 PDT 2003

Well looky there, out of the last hundred or so emails from the G4 list
there is actually someone filling up my mailbox with a genuine help problem.
Ive noticed that to be quite rare here.  Email me directly  and I'll find
you one ( if you havent gotten one already ) Im outta here after this post,
the list has been 10% actual G4 concerns, and 90% waste of my bandwidth and
hardrive space.  ie: more effort to delete 100 emails a day of useless
borderline spam than its' worth.  Think Ill stick with LEM lists. Sorry to
have wasted the servers bandwidth all this time, but seems they are pretty
use to it.

on 7/16/03 12:40 PM, Dave G at dave at infinitypublishing.com wrote:

> I need to "downgrade" my Cd/dvd extension to extension v1.39. Does anyone
> know where i can download this? p.s. I tried apple's site, but kept getting
> blown out of my office each time by the g5. fortunately, i work on the
> first floor.
> thanks for your help.
> Dave

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